Nurturing Young Minds
Since 2012

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving DeWitt, Lansing, East Lansing, St. Johns, Bath, Grand Ledge MI

Our story began in 2009 when our owner planted our original roots. Founded with a family-owned spirit, our journey significantly turned in 2012 when we migrated to our current location. The driving force behind our childcare center is a business owner who, having experienced a career shift from her first teaching job, boldly ventured into opening her own haven for little learners. With a heartfelt dedication to children’s well-being, our founder, who holds a master’s degree and brings prior experience as an elementary school teacher, envisioned a nurturing space where every child could thrive.
We believe every child deserves a solid foundation for lifelong success as an enthusiastic and curious learner. Our five core values guide every interaction, decision, and classroom activity:
Education is our commitment to nurturing young minds.
Respect is the foundation of our community, fostering an environment where each child is valued and heard.
Inclusion is the key to celebrating diversity, ensuring every child feels a sense of belonging.
Teamwork is the heartbeat of our center, uniting teachers, parents, and children in a collaborative journey.
Quality is our pledge to provide an enriching and supportive environment for each little scholar.
As we continue our journey, we invite you to be part of the Little Scholars family, where education, respect, inclusion, teamwork, and quality are the foundation of our commitment to your child’s growth and success.

Fostering Growth in a Creative, Nurturing Setting

We embrace the individuality of every child, recognizing their unique talents, interests, and untapped potential. Our childcare philosophy includes the understanding that early experiences empower a lifetime of learning. Dedicated to ensuring a secure, engaging, and inclusive environment, we invite children to explore, discover, and build essential skills in a nurturing setting.
Fostering Growth in a Creative, Nurturing Setting
Engaging Hands-On Experiences Integrate Fun, Play, & Learning

Engaging Hands-On Experiences Integrate Fun, Play, & Learning

Our teachers integrate exciting activities into your child’s daily lessons, seamlessly blending educational concepts into entertaining games, stories, songs, and play. Your child learns as they immerse themselves in a rich educational experience, making the learning journey a more enjoyable adventure for your little scholar.


“To Provide High-Quality Childcare For Young Minds With A Primary Focus On Early Education.”
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